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May Day- International Worker’s Day

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What a difference a year makes. Last year on May Day, I was following Tony on the March. He was a white face in the sea of brown faces fighting for all immigrants rights. Bush was still in office and Obama had not yet clinched the Democratic nomination. I filmed Tony along with his small but strident group The Young Polish Initiative on May Day. Last year Bush was still in oofice and Obama had not yet clinched the Democratic primary. This year millions of Americans march on behalf of the undocumented and chant laoudly to ears that will hear them. The Obama administration has agreed to put Comprehensive Immigration Reform on the already full plate of issues to tackle in the upcoming weeks. And we can see a light at the end of the tunnel in Obama’s promise to take millions of undocumented out of the shadows of darkness and into the light of day.

Posted is a work in progress scene where Tony tells journalists about Janina’s deportation- The film will include many clips from TV news as I am most interested in how the undocumented immigrant conversation has been framed in the media. Rosanna Pulido, a member of the Illinois Minutemen is quoted here- She subsequently ran for Rahm Emanuel’s vacated seat on the Republican ticket- but lost to Mike Quigley a Democrat. The turnout for the election was very poor- Pulido, of Latino decent, plastered signs all over the 5th district without any party affiliation and refrained from certain debates, perhaps so that the Latinos in the district would not be aware of her staunch Conservative views on immigration and would vote for her because of her name alone…. who can say?