Losing Janina


2 Responses to “Losing Janina”

  1. yongshuling Says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. What a moving story. Thank you for helping to give them a voice. Looking forward to attending your screening come Feb 8.

  2. katarzyna overbeck Says:

    Chasing the American Dream………This movie makes me cry every time I watch it. It reminds me of me and my 6 months old son William and the day when we had to leave America, fortunately only for 3 years, but the tears of my husband… oh God I will never forget. My husband is American Citizen and so is my son William, Im Polish. My husband sold his business, sold everything, said ‘goodbye’ to his family and came to stay with us in Poland. We are together now (not in USA) and no matter what life brings tomorrow I have my family and love of my husband and children. Katarzyna Overbeck

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